Shinobi 3 Fan Art WIP
Iain gillespie shinobi test 01

Original comp idea

Iain gillespie brain tank

First pass Brain Tank

Iain gillespie brain tank 002

Figuring out how to light the glass

Iain gillespie brains 001

I couldn't resist bushing the body horror a little more with the inclusion of skull fragments. I like the idea of these enlarged brains breaking through and consuming the bones!

Iain gillespie brains 002

Experiments with procedural shaders in Arnold

Iain gillespie brain tank 009

Current state of the WIP

Shinobi 3 Fan Art WIP

Shinobi 3 is one of my favorite games on the Mega Drive and I have been thinking about how a specific stage ould look in a 3D space for a long long time. The stage in question is Body Weapon, a stage that combines a number of the things I love from 90's pop culture. Ninjas, Bio Weapons, Body Horror, and a stunning atmospheric soundtrack.

More artwork
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