Mountain Base
Iain gillespie star wars shot 003

Mountain Base

Iain gillespie 002 mountain base

The original idea came to me when I was browsing through my photos from hiking Kilimanjaro. I decided to do a little paint over of this panoramic photo and put in some old 3D ships I made a while ago.

Iain gillespie mountain base render2

After making the 3D model and terrain, I textured it up in Substance Painter and then rendered out these shots

Iain gillespie mountain base render 05


Iain gillespie 004 mountain base 02

First go at the image.
Still using one of the old ships I'd made. I decided I'd either have to make a new and more detailed ship myself or just find one online :)

Iain gillespie star wars shot 003

I found out about these Xwing models from a friend and decided to go with them!
I placed, lit, and rendered them using Photoshop's 3D functionality. It's pretty good but it's very slow as it's a CPU renderer.

This is a little experiment I did to see what I could do using Substance Painter for a concept piece. I think it worked out pretty well for how quickly I did it all. Next time I'll put a lot more time into the subject, composition and even try lighting and rendering from Maya instead of Substance.

The X-Wing models came from the free Star Wars model pack over at Video CoPilot